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September 23, 2007


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Often the word ‘dither’ or ‘dithering’ is mentioned in relation to PixelArt. So what is dithering?  

Dithering is the hand laying of individual pixels in either an organized pattern or random scattering, in order to create a texture and the appearance of a much higher color count than may actually be present in the piece of PixelArt.

Here is an example of some Dithering Styles. I have used works from ensellitis, thUg-inc and myself ShoneGold to help illustrate some of the styles used by the Pixel Artists.

Dithering Styles by ShoneGold

In order to do our bit to support AIDSWalk 2007… about everyone has a practice at dithering a red ribbon now that you are all familiar with how it looks and a few of the styles you can use?

Here is a basic template you can download and use, or you may wish to make your own ribbon. Let’s see how good you all are at dithering. If you send me a PM note with a link to your work, I will feature all your dithered red ribbons  in a future Journal.


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sahwar Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
:thumbsup: Great aricle, very informative!
Plornt Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2007
Very good
BobSmith006 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2007
Ok. That clarifies some things. Thanks. =D
Skull-X Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice, indeed. :)
Metaru Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2007
yes, i got featured on August 23th
ShoneGold Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2007   Digital Artist
...and people really liked it too! :nod:
Metaru Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2007
indeed. it really freaked me out when i saw 188 msjs in my account :P
ShoneGold Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2007   Digital Artist
I bet! :)
DCZed Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2007
I'll be joining in with this, I haven't done dithering in a while, I guess I could use the practise :)

I like the examples you used, I'll have to go find that rose & skull pictures you've used there, 'cause they're really good - gonna have to check out a few of those DDs there too, some have really caught my eye :)

Great news feature!
ShoneGold Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2007   Digital Artist
Thank you!

Here is a link to 'The Truth of the Rose' [link]
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